List of Best Nepali Applications

Admin, May 11, 2020

Best Nepali Apps

Nepali web applications are those applications that are developed specifically to solve typical Nepali people’s problems. Nepal itself is very unique in many things compared to other countries in the world. For instance, the official calendar of Nepal is the traditional Hindu calendar instead of the Gregorian calendar as adopted by most countries in the world. Land area measurement in Nepal is still done in traditional ways of the Ropani system in the hilly region and the Bigha system in Terai instead of popular and well-accepted square meters or square feet. The Nepali language itself is in the Devanagari script. The list goes on and on.

Being unique and also having fewer populations makes it very hard for Nepali people to get applications made especially for them. Still, there are few applications that we can say are Nepali apps designed to solve purely Nepali problems. These applications are not only popular and they have become a part of daily user activities. And, we should not forget to thank those brilliant minds whose efforts made it possible.

Before we jump into the list of Best Nepali web applications that are currently available, we tell you something about our criteria. Our list includes those web applications that have their major presence or can be used from browsers. They may or may not have their presence in either ios store or google play store.

Our top picks for the useful Nepali applications are as follows:

Nepali calendar

Bikram Sambat is a widely used calendar inside Nepal. It is used in Governmental offices, Academic institutions, Business sectors, and in local communities. It was adopted as an official calendar during the period of Rana rule.

What is Bikram Sambat?

Bikram Sambat (or Vikram Samvat) is a traditional Hindu calendar in the Indian subcontinent. The name Vikram is credited to King Vikramaditya of Ujjain. The calendar uses lunar months and solar sidereal years meaning the calendar has 12 synodic lunar months and 365 solar days. The Bikram Sambat calendar is 56.7 years ahead of the Gregorian calendar (adopted by most countries around the world).

Besides Nepal, it is used in northern, western, and central Indian states like Assam, West Bengal, and Gujarat.

If you want to get updated about which date is today or want to find out about a particular festival date then there are many websites and web applications you can get information from. Out of many lists available, we recommend you Hamro Patro.

Hamro Patro can be a perfect choice because it is available in the form of websites, android as well as ios application. You can download the android application here and ios application here.

Besides the Nepali date, Hamro Patro provides Horoscopes, Kundali, Jyotish inquiry, Radio, date converter (AD to BS and vice versa), latest news, and many more. Overall, Hamro Patro is a collection of many useful applications.

Nepali Land Area conversion

Nepal has diverse landscapes, fertile plains in the south and hill & mountains on the north. Due to this, two distinct land measurement techniques prevailed in Nepal. People living in hills and mountains opt for the Aana and Ropani system of land measurement whereas people living in Terai (southern belt) use the Katha and Bigha system of land measurement.

Ropani system of Land measurement

The Ropani system of land measurement is very popular in the hilly as well as the mountainous region of Nepal. In this system, Daam is the smallest unit and Ropani is the highest unit. In ascending terms, Daam -> Paisa -> Aana -> Ropani.

Bigha system of Land measurement

The Bigha system of Land measurement is a popular system of land measurement in the Terai (plain) region of Nepal. In this system, Dhur is the smallest unit, and Bigha is the highest unit. In ascending terms, Dhur -> Katha -> Bigha.

Best Nepali Applications

Nepali Area Conversion is an awesome web application that lets you convert the land area in your desired format. From our hand-picked web apps, Nepali Area Converter lets you convert both the popular land area measurement system into one another or to a third party measurement unit, the square feet. Another best thing about this web application is that there is a good representation of data in tabular form.

According to the developer, “I have developed the Nepali Land Area Conversion web application because when people from the hilly region want to buy land in the Terai region or vice-versa, they get confused due to stark difference between the two systems. To mitigate that issue, I believe this web application helps you in converting both the Nepali land area measurement system into each other and also to the S.I. unit of Square feet.”

Unicode Nepali Converter

Unicode has become an industry-standard in computing and implemented by modern operating systems, browsers, and major programming languages. If you want Nepali languages to be introduced in your work be it on word documents, XML, websites, etc then you can use this amazing web application – Nepali Unicode converter. This application lets you type in romanized English which then converts it into the Nepali language. After the conversion, you can simply copy and paste your work. It is simple, effective, and powered by Google engine.

What is Unicode?

Unicode gives a unique number for every character that doesn’t change its value even if the platform, program, or language is changed. It has now become an industry-standard in the field of computing. It’s standard is maintained by the Unicode Consortium. By the time of developing this application, the most recent version is Unicode 12.1. Unicode 12.1 has a collection of 137,994 characters and it covers 150 modern and historic scripts, symbol sets, and emoji.

It has been implemented by many recent technologies – modern operating systems, XML, most programming languages including Java, etc. Due to all these factors, Unicode has become a global standard to support all the world’s languages. UTF-8, UTF-16, and UTF-32 are defined in Unicode standard and UTF-8 is the dominant encoding in a web (world wide web – which is used by more than 90% websites).

Unicode to preeti Converter (& vice-versa)

Preeti font is a very popular font for Nepali typing. When you have to type something in the Nepali language, Preeti font is the first choice for many Nepali language typists. Most offices in Nepal use English language for official use. However, some organizations need their documents to be in the Nepali version. Governmental organization, book publishing, and printing companies, Newspapers publishing companies, Graphics design companies deal with documents typed in the Nepali language on a day-to-day basis. Thus, there is a huge use of Nepali-typed documents especially using Preeti font. Most of these documents are created by using Microsoft word (ms word).

When the documents written using Preeti font have to be copied for display on websites, online media, or web applications then it is not supported by browsers. Browsers operate in Unicode format, so we have to change Preeti font into Unicode for proper display of text. Similar is the case when anything formatted in Unicode has to be used in documents. It has to be changed into a Preeti font for hard paper publishing. So, Preeti to Unicode converter (and vice versa) web application is very popular in Nepal.

For Preeti to Unicode converter web application, we have chosen the application developed by Ashesh. Ashesh’s Preeti to Unicode converter is easy to use. You can even get an iframe code to place this converter on your website.

Local Payment Gateway

There are many payment gateways and m/e-wallet providing applications available today. Commercial banks and similar financial institutions are also providing mobile and e-banking facilities from their applications.

Best Nepali Applications

In this article, we will talk about Esewa because according to F1 soft, app developers, Esewa is Nepal’s first payment gateway. Esewa is an online payment gateway with integrated mobile and electronic wallet. Esewa got the first move advantage. Yes, we understand, it had to do enormous branding and marketing as nobody knew about such applications back then. Cashback was the main factor that get the public attention. Esewa offers cashback while topping up the balance in prepaid phone services, it also offers cashback service when you pay your utility payment like electricity, water, and many more.

You can download the iOS version from here and the android version from here.

Khalti, IME pay, Prabhu pay, Connect IPS are few applications that are coming as viable alternatives to Esewa.

Mero share

Developed by CDS and Clearing limited, Mero share is a must-have web application for those who are investing or want to invest in Nepal share market (Nepal Stock Exchange).

Mero share is a premium web application and charges you fifty (50) rupees annually. The biggest advantage of using this application is the ease of applying primary shares. Primary shares include Initial Public Offering (IPO), Further Public Offering (FPO), and Right Shares. Even if you don’t have an account, you can still apply for primary shares. You have to go to banks, wait in line to fill application form; which is a time-consuming task. You can even get information about shares you were allocated from your recent primary share applications.

Other facilities include your portfolio database management and Electronic Deposit Instruction Slip (EDIS). DIS is a slip that you have to provide to the broker’s office when you give them an order to sell shares and EDIS means you can issue it through Mero share.

Nepali/English dictionary

Nepali to English (and vice versa) dictionary used to be a kind of must-have book. It was in-use in every major corporation, offices, and even in houses. Due to this, there were many English to Nepali dictionary-based apps developed by Nepali developers. With the advancement of Google translate facility, the Nepali/English dictionary has been phased out. There has been a sharp decrease in their use as most of the people rely on Google translate.

Loadshedding app

Loadshedding used to be a common thing in Nepal. People of Nepal had endured up to 22 hours of power cuts per day in the months of winter. Even in summer 8-12 hours of the power cut was common. As the power cut was based on power distribution areas, it was common to have a load-shedding schedule chart in people’s phones. Loadshedding app was also made to give information about power cut time and hours per day to the general public. It used to be a very popular and most downloaded app in the country.

Nepal has moved ahead from load shedding so as the people. Loadshedding apps lost their value over time and now are obsolete.


Nepal is a small country that lies between the giant nations of India and China. Though being a small nation, Nepal has many local things that are in some sense unique to the world, for example, the Nepali calendar and land area measurement system. We have listed out the major applications that we believe are the must-have applications to solve some of the typical Nepali tasks. Are you satisfied with our list?

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